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Artikelnummer: SUR-SKA-0251
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73 boot is all leather inside and out. Stiff construction and a firm base make this boot more rigid then the competition. Lacing is wide to ensure a more secure tight feel around the ball of the foot. Memory foam heel lock system helps the heel stay in place even during the most complex tricks. A soft rubber tongue will help keep the tongue in place while skating.

Competitor plate is similar to that of the 37 artistic but the competitor has an adjustable toe stop. Competitor plate is strong and supportive and will last longer than anything competition can throw at it.

Fame wheels are perfect for the competitive skater and accompanied by QUBE Juice bearings you cannot go wrong.

Complete Suergrip rollerskates.

Schoen materiaal: Leer
Onderstel: Metaal
Hardheid wielen: 78A
Lagers: ABEC
Stopper: Verstelbaar
Afmeting wielen: 59mm
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